IM2C-Canada Results and Recognition

The International Mathematical Modeling Challenge-Canada

2016 Winner List


·         2016 Canadian Best Paper Award 1

(Student Names) Spencer Ki, Tobias Rozario,   David Rolko, Thomas Rolko

(School Name)  Senator O’Connor College School

(Advisor) Ian Hedley

·         2016 Canadian Best Paper Award  2

(Student Name) Mike Chen

(School Name) William Lyon Mackenzie Collegiate Institute

·         2016 Canadian Meritorious Award

(Student Names) Fynn Schmitt-Ulms;  Vajk Dobos; Darie Roman; Andrei Andreica

(School Name) Senator O’Connor College School

(Advisor) Ian Hedley

·         2016 Canadian Honorable Mention

(Student Names) Kenneth Cui, Patrick Li, Chenfeng Zhang

(School Name)  St. Robert Catholic High School

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